How It Works

Possessing significant sentimental value, diamonds are also the most precious commodity on earth. In fact, they’re the only commodity whose value consistently increases.

For generations, access to diamond trading and investing has been limited to select few. We at DFI would like to close the doors on old-world limitations, and invite you to a new world of innovation and opportunity.

A membership at DFI grants you access to the world’s largest online diamond exchange. Your personal password provides entry onto a virtual trading floor, where only the finest certified diamonds are sold. There, you’ll be able to view a vast catalog of diamonds and natural gemstones, including vibrant images, grades, certifications, etc. As a member, you’ll be able to invest in the world’s most valuable commodity.

Allow us to find you the most tradable diamonds, or the best value-for-money lot of gemstones. We’ll buy for less and sell for more.

Our experts will provide 24/7 support, always on the lookout for the best ROI, using diamonds as an investment tool and an effective financial instrument.

Trading Zone

Our world famous Trading Zone features over 1 million diamonds from all over the world. You’ll receive access to this vast resource, based on your account type and level of investment. The Trading Zone holds all your personal and financial info in a virtual volt. While in the Trading Zone you can search for the right (perfect) diamond in which to invest, according to numerous available features. By a simple “drag and drop” you will be able to buy/sell diamonds.

Every action requires account manager approval.


Why Invest In Diamonds?

Easy. Diamonds are rare (1000 times rarer than gold!), their supply is depleting, and therefore, their value always increases.

Why Invest With DFI?

Simple. We have experience, access, and connections. Diamond trading is so deeply embedded in our family history, it’s practically in our genes. Nothing is more important in this business than trustworthiness, and we have spent years proving ours again and again.

We have created a top-notch, highly-ranked, advanced investing platform to bring our investors the best opportunities and highest ROI possible.

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