About Us

About Us

Who We Are

With forty years of diamond dealing experience, we at DFI have accumulated an incredible amount of knowledge about the world most precious stone and modern day’s most valuable commodity. Knowledge is power, and we’d like to use ours to your benefit. With offices around the world and cutting-edge technology, we offer our investors unique access to an exclusive selection of diamonds and gemstones.  That selection, along with our expertise and commitment to service, provide investors with exceptional opportunities and solid ROIs.

Our Diamonds

DFI diamonds are all certificated, conflict free, Kimberley Process Certified (KPCS).

The 4 Cs and Diamond Grading Fundamentals
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Why Invest In Diamonds?

Easy. Diamonds are rare (1000 times rarer than gold!), their supply is depleting, and therefore, their value always increases.

Why Invest With DFI?

Simple. We have experience, access, and connections. Diamond trading is so deeply embedded in our family history, it’s practically in our genes. Nothing is more important in this business than trustworthiness, and we have spent years proving ours again and again.

We have created a top-notch, highly-ranked, advanced investing platform to bring our investors the best opportunities and highest ROI possible.

Top Worldwide Experts

All DFI experts are highly credentialed, experienced diamond traders and/or investment consultants. Our affiliates are vetted and checked, proving utmost integrity and professionalism, with fingers constantly on the pulse of this incredibly lucrative business.

24/7 Support

We never sleep. With DFI offices and affiliates all around the world, we are ALWAYS a phone call, chat, or email away. We’re available via your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, always ready to answer a question, provide a consultation, or take action.

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